Under The Same Strange Moon

by Phil Scott

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released June 5, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Phil Scott between July 2013 and May 2014.

Percussion on track 10 by Henry "Bone" Stewart



all rights reserved


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Phil Scott Chicago, Illinois

I am a midwestern musician and cartoonist, among other things.

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Track Name: Teeth
I used to worry about my teeth
receding gum and a cavity
but now I'm troubled by my knees
and I don't even think about my teeth

I wish I never worried about my knees
I wish I coulda let my mind be free
but soon enough my ligaments won't be in song
'cause something else will come along

I used to be concerned about my smile
the chip on the bottom the gap on top
then people I knew started to die
now I don't ever wanna be that guy

I wish I didn't worry about my smile
or give a damn about my style
now when good things come I let out a yellow glow
'cause they'll be gone before you know

I used to worry about my teeth
and I think they worried about me
said 'what are you doing in front of the mirror
when you get back we'll be here'
Track Name: Bear
I wouldn't rally like this
if I have the bite like a great white
with the claws of a lion
I wouldn't cave like an old roof
trapped for days in a phone booth with quarters but no courage

if I had the grip of my uncle

bear with me
I need to protect myself
bear with me

but now the rain hits hard
the beasts will wait till I'm soft
to sink their claws into me and drink my guilt happily
and they'll sink their claws into you and they'll drink your guilt too

bear with me
I need to protect myself
bear with me

my neighbor is watching me
watch him and he'll watch you too
are you with or against me

I need to protect myself
like the beasts they protect themselves
I need to protect myself
from you
Track Name: Fortunate Hyde
I was thinking of a bride
with mosquitoes in my eyes
I'm a bad man
fortunate Hyde

like the pacifist who sits in a pit
and could never black an eye
if he tried

well if you trusted summer
to shine for you through winter you'd be a fool
but I'm still her for you

we were standing on the rocks
with your hair tied in a knot
I'm no sister
like it or not
it's all we got
our lives are shaped
by what we thought
and I think I hear my child self speaking to me

every demon needs a name
every human needs another to believe it's all a game
every human needs a home
in a body of their own
with company to smell when tiny increments of hell
have been dwelling in the head
send them all to sea
in a bottle with their own
never addressing what that means
Track Name: Chameleon Songs
still I'm awake, quite askew
forty-five minutes past two
and I don't wanna ride this wake again
of better bones than me
oh it's a dangerous cycle

and we don't wanna hear chameleon songs
or fake concerns about what never went wrong
and honestly, you can read us receipts and we'll bow to your feet
if you're showing us a piece of your heart
a slimy little piece of your heart

but still there's a tick in my bones
the lizards are bathing alone
and I once said I'd give my blood to sun
the videotape's on repeat


to love is to hate love
won't you chill my blood
it's natural to die
oh it's natural to survive


and i'm just living a chameleon song
I told myself that any other was wrong
it seems to me that I'm playing for keeps
'cause there's a pile at my feet
of cryptic little bits of my heart
the busy little bits that flake off
Track Name: Faceless
"free room to a wide-eyed wiry woman"
postings, no boastings
just pure, honest psyche on the web

no need to break gaze
no knees to shake and buckle
this is everything, this is frightening
this is heightening and lowering
devouring and separating
and undeniably connecting

room for everyone to speak
and grimace to themselves
behind the screen

I'm not my family ties
I'm not my reputation
I am not emotional response
I am raw emotion
and faceless
I am not beautiful
I am anything but ugly

and I'm on an even plane
as far as dignity and money goes
and I'm looking for a roommate
someone who is kind
and they might have stories from Colorado
they might be running from an ex
running to and from sex
with a nice vibrato and vocal range
and strangely beautiful

but they won't be disposable
and you can't be invincible
you'll have to find your face
Track Name: People, Cows, Walks
there's the cow down the block
I swear it was stolen from the Stone Age
and the cow at the farm who licks like my girlfriend's dog
and the one at her house I approached
and it rammed into me
I was told it was friendly

there's that guy at the deli where I worked who
I wouldn't wanna meet again
I was dodging his icebergs, the dick wanted more romaine
then there's that lady in line at The Depot behind me
who tapped my back
and handed me a twenty percent discount coupon

oh I owe a lot to walking
Indiana country walking
processing the people I meet
with spotted domestic beasts
oh I owe a lot to walking
oh I owe a lot

all the good and all the bad

people picking up shit
they let pile inside
we pass on the path
they're looking at the cows
Track Name: Tequila
my heels how they ache in the evening
the morning began long ago
I thirst for a drink that can soothe me
to enjoy with good people I know

so how 'bout a shot of tequila
oh fill it up to the brim
give me a shot of tequila
I wanna sink into my skin

like the sky begins blue and ages to gold
agave distilled in a small glass to hold

everyone in this town wants tequila
the day has been long and we're tired
but if you give us a shot of tequila
you're sure to ignite the fire


da da da da tequila
tequila-di-da da da da
la da da da da tequila
tequila-di-da da da

Track Name: Pet For The Winter
it was winter and Foo was up to her nose in snow
and the sun would come out still
but not like it would
and the freezing point of gloomy was high enough
for my hero to find herself quite stuck

amidst the corpses of leaves and the stillness of water
she needed some life in her life like a daughter
but with a lifespan just long enough to get her through
the winter blues

so the cold went away as she played with her field mice that day
they ran down her arms, up her sleeves, and touched her thighs
and before she knew it, Phil decreed ground must thaw
and the ice do recede

a melody rang as the teeth and the chain made love
she drank lemonade and the mice stayed alive
and became old hat

the remedy worked but longevity's curse led to an unfortunate smell
and I'm hyper-aware of my clothes and my hair and my ability to impress

I'm working on my maintenance
so if I tap you on the head
I'm sorry if I hurt you
it was supposed to be cute

I'm working on my maintenance
so if I tap you on the head
I'm sorry if I hurt you
it's not what I meant
Track Name: New Age
motion picture and mental war
wounded walls and hospital bedsores
we're shaking off the curfew
we're shaking off the boys we were

but you were never a burden
or my karma trophy wife
no you just were

we're on the brink of a new king
she's fierce, she will look just like me
plan ahead to the day when there's no one to see
we're on the brink of a new age
it's yours and a little bit mine too
plan ahead to the day when there's nothing to do

well let's pretend you were brighter than me based on prior situations
we've rewritten everything in a chalkboard hurricane

well I would never desert you
you know I'm just a wire away
to think that you would never deserve me
come on and shake, shake, shake that liar away


I know you're not sold
we bought our future
we bought fool's gold
now see us in the basement crying instead of sleeping
'cause we'll forever know the science of weeping

and I won't speak anymore
of what's behind the yellow door
and fate that's arbitrarily picked in dreams

the king came and the king'll leave
once we choose what we believe
till then don't listen to my words
listen to my tone of voice
Track Name: Now That I Can't Dance (Do You Love Me)
now that I can't dance
do you love me